SAMCO RIE-10NR Etching System

Samco RIE 10NR

SAMCO RIE-10NR Etching System

The SAMCO RIE-10NR is a fully automatic, dry etching system which meets the most demanding process requirements for fluorine chemistries. Etching is performed with minimum side-wall deterioration and a high selectivity between materials, and capable of processing wafers of up to 8” in diameter. The computerized touch panel allows for parameter control and recipe entry as well as storage

Applications include anisotropic etching of all types of silicon based thin films, compound semiconductors and refractory metals including: Si, SiO2, Poly-Si, Si3N4, GaAs and Mo, manufacturing micromachines and failure analysis.

Download the SAMCO RIE-10NR Etching System Brochure (PDF version, 64 KB)

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