Researchers working amongst equipment in the Yellow Clean Room facilities at the CRPuO

Yellow Clean Room (333A)

General Information

The NanoFab facility at the Centre for Research in Photonics provides users with open access to cutting-edge tools within the research facility, specializing in nanofabrication and characterization.

Our facilities are open to both academic and industrial researchers, which makes the NanoFab ideal for prototype development and fabrication. The NanoFab is managed by the Director, Administrative Assistant, Lab Manager and two Lab Technologists. This team maintains the facilities, instructs and assists users, and provides nanofabrication services to help clients achieve their research goals.

Means of Access

Our NanoFab lab facilities are located on the third floor of the Advanced Research Complex (ARC) at the University of Ottawa (25 Templeton St.). There are three labs: wet chemistry, metrology, and white and yellow clean rooms (Class 10,000).

All of our labs have a processing capability of up to four-inch diameter wafers and pieces, with the exception of certain beam tools, which accepts wafers of up to two inches in diameter or small pieces.

Researchers working amongst equipment in one of the White Clean Room facilities at the CRPuO

White Clean Room (333B)

Please refer to our User Access page for further information.

Hours of Operation

  • Facility: staffed 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, with the exception of holidays
  • Administrative Office (ARC 350): Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, with the exception of statutory holidays

Equipment and Applications

Please see the list below for more information on specific equipment and applications.

Tools listed as Metrology or Wet Chemistry are included in our Metrology Package (Serivce Option #12). Access to all of the tools (with the exception of the Zeiss ORION NanoFab HIM/FIB) are included in our NanoFab Package (Service Option #11). We also offer fee-for-service on all of our tools (Service Options #1-10). Please refer to our Fee Schedule for pricing.

Clean Room - 333A (Yellow)
Clean Room - 333B (White)


Clean Room - 333C (White)

Wet Chemistry - 330

Metrology - 329 & 329A
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