CRPuO members Pavel Cheben and Ebrahim Karimi have been elected to the Royal Society of Canada

Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2020

2 members of the CRPuO are among those newly elected to the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). The RSC recognizes contributions from individuals that have impacted their areas of research both nationally and internationally and is the highest honour an individual can achieve in the Arts, Social Sciences and Sciences.

Headshot of Pavel Cheben

Dr. Pavel Cheben

Dr. Pavel Cheben, Adjunct Professor with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Principal Research Officer with the Advanced Electronics and Photonics Research Centre at NRC Canada, has been elected by his peers as one 2020’s new Fellows. “Pavel Cheben is internationally known as a global leader in integrated photonics, with several groundbreaking contributions in silicon photonics fueling fundamental advances in multiple technologies, including optical communications, biomolecular sensing and on-chip spectrometry. His invention of metamaterial waveguide has revolutionized integrated photonics and launched the new research field now followed by many academic groups and adopted by leading industry players. He is the most published NRC scientist of the last decade.” (Royal Society of Canada, 2020)

Headshot of Ebrahim Karimi

Prof. Ebrahim Karimi

Prof. Ebrahim Karimi, Assistant Professor with the Department of Physics and Canada Research Chair (T2) in Structured Light, has been elected to the RSC’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, which recognizes research leaders in the early stages of their careers. Prof. Karimi “is an international leader in the field of structured quantum waves. He explores how photons, the tiniest particles of light, and electrons can be shaped to carry specific quantum properties. These quantum features were employed in quantum communication demonstrations over the city of Ottawa and in the Ottawa river, ground-breaking techniques in microscopy, and answering fundamental questions in physics.” (Royal Society of Canada, 2020).

You can read more about the RSC Class of 2020 here.

Congratulations to both Dr. Cheben and Prof. Karimi for these well-deserved distinctions!



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