CRPuO members receive funding to support collaborative projects with the National Research Council (NRC)

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2021

Several members of the CRPuO have been awarded nearly $800,000 in funding to support collaborative research projects as part of the National Research Council (NRC)’s Challenge programs. These projects include:

  • Scalable plasmonic catalysts for CO2 reduction
    • Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge Program
    • Arnaud Weck (PI), Karin Hinzer and Pierre Berini (as well as Elena Baranova who is not a member of the CRPuO)
  • Terabit optical networks based on quantum dot lasers and photonic integration (TERAQD)
    • High-throughput and Secure Networks Challenge Program
    • Karin Hinzer (PI) and Trevor Hall (Co-PI)
  • Quantum dot multi-wavelength lasers for millimeter wave generation and transmission
    • High Throughput and Secure Networks Challenge Program
    • Jianping Yao (PI)

You can read more about these projects, the researchers involved, as well as the NRC’s Challenge programs here.

Congratulations to our members and all those involved!

 A. Weck, K. Hinzer, P. Berini, T. Hall, J. Yao

From left to right: Arnaud Weck, Karin Hinzer, Pierre Berini, Trevor Hall, Jianping Yao


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