Researchers from the CRPuO have developed cutting-edge laser technology to tint metal without dyes or pigments

Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

CRPuO members Pierre Berini, Arnaud Weck and Lora Ramunno with members of their research groups, former Ph.D. student Jean-Michel Guay and postdoctoral fellow Antonio Calà Lesina, alongside external collaborators, have developed a new technique known as plasmonic colouring to create colours on metallic surfaces with the use of picosecond lasers.

This technique has piqued the interest of the Royal Canadian Mint for the production of colourful collector’s coins, as it does not affect the purity of the metal. Plasmonic colouring has other useful applications, from medical sensors to anti-counterfeiting strategies.

You can read more about how the Royal Canadian Mint is making use of this technology in a recent Globe & Mail article.

You can read more about the science behind plasmonic colouring in the research article published in Nature.

Congratulations to all involved on this made-in-Canada innovation!

Image of a brown stick figure over top of a blue and purple eagle

An example of plasmonic colouring

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