Sylvain Charbonneau appointed as Vice-President, Research

Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Headshot of Sylvain Charbonneau

Sylvain Charbonneau

Appointed as Interim Vice-President, Research, for a term starting in July 1, 2017, Sylvain Charbonneau (B.Sc. and M.Sc. in physics from the University of Ottawa, PhD in photonic semiconductor physics from Simon Fraser University) will continue to support and promote research at the University of Ottawa over the next five years as Vice-President, Research.

“Since his appointment as interim vice-president, research, he has shown excellent judgment and remarkable collaboration with the deans, administrative service directors and his fellow vice-presidents. There is no doubt that Sylvain Charbonneau is the right person to carry out the important duties of the vice-president, research.” - Jacques Frémont, President and Vice-Chancellor

On behalf of the CRPuO, our sincere congratulations on your appointment, Dr. Charbonneau! We look forward to future collaborations over the next 5 years.

You can read more about Sylvain Charbonneau’s appointment here.

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