User Access

User Access Fees

Please refer to our User Access Fees for further details on the services provided and associated costs for the NanoFab facilities.

  • External clients (academic and non-academic):
    A quote will be provided prior to beginning the work. Payment of the final invoice can be made via cheque or wire transfer.
  • Internal clients (uOttawa professors, students, employees and visiting researchers):
    A quote will be provided prior to beginning the work. A FOAP is required for payment of the final invoice via Journal Entry.

Requirements for Procurement of Services 

Hiring one of our qualified lab technologist to complete lab work on your behalf (for internal and external clients)

Please send an email to the NanoFab Administrative Assistant ( with the following details:

  • Name
  • Company / Organization
  • Please provide:
    • a short description of the work you would like to complete
    • the timeframe for when you are looking to complete your work
    • the maximum amount of time you are willing to invest in the project
  • Please attach a PDF to your email with more information if necessary
  • Please refer to service options #1 - 10 on our User Access Fees web page for pricing information

Requirements for User Access to NanoFab Facility

Unlimited access to the NanoFab facilities and equipment, including tool training provided by a lab technologist (for internal and external clients)

Please note: Visitors must be pre-approved and escorted by an administrator while in the laboratory. If you would like to visit the NanoFab facility, please send an email to the NanoFab Administrative Assistant ( with a brief explanation of the purpose of your visit.

For internal and external clients looking to gain access to our NanoFab facilities, the following is required:

  • User Access Fees
    Please refer to service options #11 - #13 on our User Access Fees web page for pricing information as well as tool training restrictions (for undergraduate students, M.Eng. students, and Visiting Researchers)
  • Orientation and Access Form
    All users must fill out an Orientation and Access Form as well as provide a refundable cash deposit in order to obtain an access card for lab access. A copy of the form is available here.

    If you have already have an access card, please let us know so that we can request a copy of your form from the relevant uOttawa department.
  • Mandatory Requirements
    Proof of completion of the following is mandatory for all facility users before access to the facilities will be provided:

Please note: If you are external to uOttawa, login credentials to complete the in-class and on-line training sessions can be obtained by creating an external user profile.

  • Tool Training:
    Once all of the above mandatory requirements have been met, specific tool training will be provided by our highly qualified lab technologists at uOttawa and must be completed prior to using our facilities. 

    While each tools’ training requirements are unique, with some taking months to master, they all involve one-on-one sessions with staff members until you are authorized to use the tool independently. There is a sign-off procedure to access tools needed for a project.

    We propose to train users as required, as equipment needs will be assessed on a project-basis. The fees associated with training have already been included in your equipment usage rates (for service options #11, 12 and 13 only).
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