User Fees

External clients (academic and non-academic):
A quote will be provided prior to beginning the work. Payment of the final invoice can be made via cheque or wire transfer.

Internal clients (uOttawa professors, students, employees and visiting researchers):
A quote will be provided prior to beginning the work. A FOAP is required for payment of the final invoice via Journal Entry.

Tool Training Restrictions:

Tool training is meant for those who have a specific research project to be carried out over an extended period of time.

As such, the following restrictions for tool training apply:

  • Undergraduate Students: There will be no training provided for the following tools:
    • Beam tools: GeminiSEM 500, Raith Pioneer SEM + EBeam, Orion NanoFab, Angstrom Nexdep Evaporator
    • AFM’s: Bruker, Park NX10
  • M.Eng. Students and Visiting Researchers: Tool training for users within these categories will not be granted, except for exceptional circumstances as adjudicated by the NanoFab Director
  • Ph.D. students, M.Sc. students and Postdoctoral Fellows: Tool training will be granted as requested
Please note:

Equipment malfunctions are an unfortunate reality of laboratory environments. Although CRPuO staff members do their best to ensure equipment is fully operational, there may be circumstances that arise that are beyond our control. The CRPuO will not cover costs incurred for lost time due to tool malfunctions, but are open to discussing membership extensions if a required tool is down for an extended period.

Need help with microfabrication costs?

CMC Microsystems offers MNT Financial Assistance to help academic researchers meet their micro-nano R&D goals. This competitive award program is intended to lower the barriers associated with conducting custom microfabrication at labs across Canada. Apply today!

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